Comprehensive Coal Mining Searches

 If you are considering buying a property in an area with a history of coal, then it is essential to carry out a mining search. If you do not, you may face the consequences in the long term as the value of your property may be affected if this search has not been carried out. Find out more about the importance of coal mining searches by contacting our professionals.

Coal Mining and Other Mining Searches – Are They Necessary?

Mining searches will often be essential for anyone buying a property in an area with a history of coal or other mining. Surface and underground mining play a huge part in the industrial history of Britain, a role which continues today. Previous coal mining activity can pose various risks when you are planning on purchasing a property. A house may have been built over or near to old mineshafts, and there may be a risk of subsidence (the gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land).

In Cheshire, brine has been extracted by a pumping process for several centuries. Underground cavities created by the pumping may ultimately collapse, causing serious damage to any property above. In most cases, old mine shafts collapse due to not being capped or filled-in properly, which causes serious damage to houses. There may also be environmental issues, such as soil contamination, mine gas emissions, and the build-up of dangerous elements.

Because of these risks, it is vital to carry out a mining search when purchasing a property in an affected area. A mortgage lender may insist on having the search carried out in order to protect their interest in the property. The value of property seriously diminishes with the discovery of mining activities. In the majority of cases, the search will not reveal any serious issues.

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