Providing Drainage and Water Search Reports

 In an in-depth drainage and water search, we assess whether the property has access to a public water supply. To find out more about these searches, and whether you need to carry one out for your property, please get in touch with our experts.

Drainage and Water Searches – Why Are They Important?

These searches are provided by the Local Water Authority Company who are responsible for providing water and drainage services for the property.

Areas Covered in the Report

Areas Covered in the Report

  • How the Property Owners Are Charged for Water and Wastewater Services - Either Measured (Metered) or Unmeasured (Charged on Rateable Value)

  • If the Property Has Access to a Public Water Supply

  • If the Property Has Access to a Public Sewer

  • Plans Showing the Location of the Sewers and Water Mains

  • Whether there are any water mains or public sewers running through the property or nearby. If this is the case, the water company can (with reasonable notice) require entry to the land for inspection, repair, or replacement

If a search shows that the property does not have mains drainage, there should be a sealed tank, septic tank, or other private disposal facilities available. Normally, the property owner will be responsible for the maintenance of these.

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