Conducting In-Depth Local Authority Searches

 The largest purchase you will ever make in your life will most likely be your home; therefore, it is paramount to carry out the relevant checks on any property you are considering purchasing. Local Authority Searches provide the crucial information you need about a property and are usually carried out by independent companies like ours. Get in touch today for details on the comprehensive conveyancing services we provide at the most competitive prices.

Local Authority Search

Regulated Local Authority searches are carried out by an independent company and not by the council. Local Authority searches are an essential part of the home buying process as they provide crucial information regarding a property. Most mortgage lenders also stipulate that a Local Authority Search must be carried out before loaning money. But what do local searches include, how long do they take, and how much do they cost? Find everything you need to know below.

What Is Included in a Local Authority Search?

There are two parts to a local authority search – a LLC1 and a CON29. The LLC1 – Local Land Charge Register search covers any charges or attendant restrictions relating to land or property. These can include whether the property is:

What Is Included in a Local Authority Search?

  • A Listed Building

  • Conservation Areas

  • Tree Protection Orders

  • Improvement or Renovation Grants

  • Smoke Control Zones

  • Future Developments

  • Enquiries

The CON 29 document consists of two separate parts; CON 29(R) and CON 29(O). R stands for "Required" meaning that these questions apply in all transactions and O stands for "Optional", which means that it is open to a conveyancer to make these enquiries if appropriate to the transaction and property. Examples of environmental information that are provided by CON 29(R) include the following:

What Is Included in a Local Authority Search? 1

  • Building Control History

  • Planning Control History

  • Nearby Road Schemes and Motorways

  • Contaminated Land

  • Radon Gas

The CON 29(O) form deals with a number of extra enquiries, which are optional depending on the property circumstances. Examples of the enquiries dealt with by the CON 29(O) include the following:

What Is Included in a Local Authority Search? 2

  • Road Proposals by Private Bodiesies

  • Public Paths or Byways

  • Advertisements

  • Completion Notices

  • Parks and Countryside

  • Pipelines

  • Houses in Multiple Occupation

  • Noise Abatement

  • Urban Development Areas

  • Enterprise Zones

  • Inner Urban Improvement Areas

  • Simplified Planning Zones

  • Land Maintenance Notices

  • Mineral Consultation Areas

  • Hazardous Substance Consents

  • Environmental and Pollution Notices

  • Food Safety Notices

  • Hedgerow Notices

  • Common Land, Town, and Village Greens

The procedure can take as little as 5 working days, depending on how quickly the council gives us access to their records. In most cases, it should not take any longer than 20 working days.

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