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Common Land, Village Green, and Town Searches

Common land, town, and village green searches are imperative as the public may be able to access what you believe is your land. To discuss our common land and town searches in more detail, please contact our professionals who will be more than happy to assist.

Common Land, Town, and Village Green

It is important to conduct a Common Land, Town, and Village Green Search as the public may have the right to use your land for activities including walking, running, watching wildlife, and climbing.

Commoners’ Rights

The right of a commoner to take resources from the common land is called a ‘right of common’. Some common land has different rights, so may be used for other activities.

Pasturage – the Right to Put Livestock out to Feed on the Land, e.g., Grass or Other Vegetation

Pannage – the Right to Put Pigs out to Feed in Wooded Areas of the Land

Timber – the Right to Take Specific Timber Products from the Land, e.g., Whole Trees or Firewood

Turbary – the Right to Take Turf or Peat from the Land to Burn as Fuel

Piscary – the Right to Take Fish from Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, and Streams

Rights in the Soil – the Right to Take Soil or Minerals from the Common

Animals – the Right to Take Wild Animals

Commoners can only take enough turf, peat, fish, soil, or minerals for the property to which their right of common is attached.

You have to follow different rules for selling or letting rights of common depending on whether the rights are attached to the land, or not attached to the land.

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